Find out more about Berea's Rib Cook-Off brought to you by The Berea City Club

stuff for kids

The Gin Blossoms
Berea’s National Rib Cook-Off is affordable family fun in a picnic-style atmosphere. We have lots of exciting stuff for kids to do, including a rock climbing wall, mechanical bull, and inflatable rides. Besides, kids love nothing more than dispensing with the knife and fork, and slopping themselves up with rib sauce. Our apologies to whoever does their laundry... but hey, it's worth it to watch your children have such a blast (repeat that to yourself as necessary until convinced). As an extra incentive to encourage families to get out during the weekend, we've dramatically slashed ticket prices for children under 12. In fact, were we to slash them any more, we'd owe you money (translation: kids under 12 get in free all weekend!). So get off the couch, dress your kids in rib sauce colored clothing, and bring the fam for a weekend packed with great music, food, and activities. You'll be happy you did!

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